Cat Larrea - 2011 Quilt Challenge Winner - Baker's Dozen

Congratulations to Cat Larrea for winning the Best of Show category for our 2011 Quilt Challenge, Baker’s Dozen, in celebration of our 13th year! And our congratulations to Suzanne Beck for winning First Place. We always appreciate everyones’ participation in our challenge.

So, to give everyone the opportunitiy to participate in 2012, we are pleased to announce our challenge theme for 2012…our 14th year!


A Sonnet is one of several forms of poetry that originated in Europe, mainly Provence and Italy. A sonnet commonly has 14 lines. The term “sonnet” derives from the Occitan word “sonet” and the Italian word “sonetto”, meaning “little song” or “little sound”. By the 13th Century, a Sonnet signified a poem of fourteen lines that followed a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure.

All challenge quilts should adhere to the challenge theme and be a minimum of 2’ x 2’ to a maximum of 4’ x 4’ and should have a sleeve attached so that it can be easily displayed at our conference next November. Information regarding your challenge quilt should be received no later than October 15, 2012. Thanks for participating!


Sue and Piet go Boogeying

Sue Benner’s workshop is now closed but we will accept waiting list registrations. And, congratulations to Sue’s Short Fuse PDQ Challenge Team for winning the 2011 PDQ Challenge!

We have several other workshops that are filling, so if you are thinking about signing up, do so soon! What a great Christmas present to you!!

Happy Holidays!!


Sue Benner’s 2012 workshop has only one space left…if you are interested in her workshop, please sign up soon to avoid the dreaded Wait List!

Morning Moon

Another wonderful week at Lake Tahoe has come and gone. The one thing that we all enjoyed this year was the weather…and the spectacular moon on the lake Wednesday morning. Our thanks to Mark Larrea for getting up at 3 a.m. to take the attached photo. And, our deepest thanks to Mark for being our official photographer this year. We are very pleased to announce that Mark, and his wife Cat, will be teaching Digital Photography and Photoshop at Art Quilt Tahoe 2013. The photos from this year’s conference will be uploaded on our site soon, so check back!

Congratulations are in order!

First, to Cat Larrea and Suzanne Beck for winning this year’s “Baker’s Dozen” quilt challenge. We appreciate their participation and will soon announce next year’s challenge.

Congratulations to Sue Benner’s PDQ Challenge team for winning our second annual challenge. Each class collaborated on a theme for their block, appointed the team leader and helpers, and created incredible 12×12 blocks in one hour. The event was great fun, despite all the stress, and we’ll blog a photo of the pieces soon.

Congratulations to Pat Guthrie for winning the raffle for the 2012 Tuition Free Prize to attend Art Quilt Tahoe! We made her day!!

And, finally, congratulations to Carol Frocillo for winning the 2012 Ina Stentiford Scholarship. She is very excited to say the least and we will soon post her photo and pictures of her work.

If you haven’t signed up for next year’s conference, put it on your Wish List when you see Santa! Wishing you and yours a happy, warm and creative Holiday Season and New Year!!

My best to all….Judy

The Weather and Water are Fine!

After an easy travel day, everyone arrived safe and sound. The weather and the Lake couldn’t be more beautiful and everyone is enjoying every second. Rosalie Dace did a spectacular presentation at our Welcome Dinner…we’re all going to South Africa to see her and work in her charming studio! And, we learned alot about the culture and history of where she lives…which inspires her spectacular work!

Velda did a painting demonstration today and then unveiled her 18′ Award Winning Zinnia quilt thanks to six very tall people standing on chairs to unfurl it…and then Sue Cavanaugh did a wonderful presentation on her Shibori techniques afterwards. After an exciting day, the students got treated to Laura Wasilowski’s singing presentation and then a mini-fusing workshop so that they could all become certified members of the Chicago Fusing Society.

More fun tomorrow!!

We Still Have Space…

…in a few of our workshops! If you’re still thinking about coming to Art Quilt Tahoe in November, sign-up soon!! We’re going to have an amazing conference this year…and for those that are attending, don’t forget the “Baker’s Dozen” Quilt Challenge in honor of our 13th Anniversary! Email us for more details.

Sue Benner’s Workshop is Closed

Sue Benner’s workshop is now closed but we are adding names to a waiting list.

Also, there is only one space left in Rosalie Dace’s workshop. If you are interested in that spot, sign-up soon!

Finally, several other workshops are filling…so don’t miss the opportunity to get the workshop of your choice!

Jane Dunnewold’s Workshop Closed

Jane Dunnewold’s workshop has closed but we will accept waiting list registrations should there be a cancellation. There is now only one space left in Sue Benner’s workshop and two spaces in Rosalie Dace’s workshop. So, if you are interested in either of those two workshops or any of our other workshops, send in your registration as soon as possible!

Scale is Everything!

Velda's Zinnias to Scale

Scale is everything…and when it comes to Velda Newman’s beautiful quilts, size also matters! WOW! This quilt won the Nisson Japan prize at Quilt National last year and Velda will be leaving soon to travel to Japan to display her quilt and to teach a workshop. But since she had 80 sign-ups in two hours, she will be teaching two classes of 40 students each! So, if you are interested in learning Velda’s techniques, sign-up soon for her workshop at Art Quilt Tahoe…small projects always accepted!

Workshops Filling!

We have three workshops that are nearly full…Sue Benner, Rosalie Dace and Jane Dunnewold…so if you are interested in one of these workshops, we encourage you to sign-up soon! Our other workshops have space, but are also filling.