Seven Day Workshops Now Available for AQT 2015!

We are excited to announce that David Taylor, Rosalie Dace and Jane Dunnewold have agreed to teach a 6-day workshop this year! Our workshops normally begin with set-up on the day of arrival, four full-days of workshop time, and the day of departure. So we are extending these three workshops from four full days to six full days!

Extend your Stay for 2 More Days

If you have already signed up for one of these three workshops, you can extend for the additional two days by paying an additional $125 deposit.

The increased price for the two extra days is $1,975 for a Single Room (normally $1,500); $1,650 for a shared room (normally $1,275); $1,455 for a Triple Room (normally $1,100 each); $1,125 for a Day Student with Meals (normally $850); $925 for a Day Student without Meals (normally $650).

If you have signed up for another workshop and just want to stay an additional two days, you can also join the Open Studio students for an additional $325.

To extend your stay, please send in the additional deposit of $125.

Make a Payment

Sign Up for a 7-Day Workshop Now

If you haven’t signed up, just go to our go to Registration Tab and select a 7-day stay from one of the three instructors.

Register Now

Email us if you have any additional questions!

My best,
Judy Bernard

2013 Art Quilt Tahoe Tee Shirt in Honor of Libby Lehman

AQT 2013 Tee Shirt drawing #1 smalllibbypic09

We are pleased to announce that we requested Susan Shie to design our 15th Anniversary Art Quilt Tahoe Conference Tee Shirt to honor Libby Lehman, who has been a part of our family at every Art Quilt Tahoe conference. Profit from the sale of the tee shirts will be donated to Libby’s Medical Fund. In addition, Susan Shie has generously donated the original art work that will be framed and auctioned at this year’s conference to further support Libby’s Medical Fund.

You may purchase our special tee shirt (Womens’ Cut) even if you cannot attend Art Quilt Tahoe this year. The price will be $42.95. Either way, please contact us at to place your order and we will call you back to obtain your size and payment. And, if you’d like to place a silent bid on Susan’s original art work, please let us know. This is a great way to support Libby and her journey back…

Libby Lehman Update


As you are probably aware, our good friend Libby Lehman suffered a brain aneurysm followed by a major stroke in April. She faces a long rehabilitative process. Covered solely by Medicare, with no supplemental insurance to pick up the remainder of what will likely be a very expensive rehabilitation, her family is seeking donations to offset her long-term care.
A bank account has been set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank. The name of the account is the “Libby Lehman Medical Fund”. Checks, Money Orders, or Cashier’s Checks should be made out to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and mailed to her sister, Cathy Arnold at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019. Please include your name and address if it is not on the check. If you’d prefer an online secure transfer method please contact Bill Arnold at for more information.
Libby’s progress can be tracked online as her family posts daily updates on Caring Bridge . Please know any contribution you make there goes to Caring Bridge to maintain their website and not to Libby’s care.
Thank you so much for your generosity.

Team Libby
and All Art Quilt Tahoe Friends

Thinking of Libby


“Our dear friend, Libby Lehman, is recovering from a brain aneurysm. Here is an up-to-date post from her sister:
Yesterday was a long day but after hour in pre-op and 7 hours in the OR, Libby is successfully now back in ICU resting. They were able to clip (clamp off) the burst aneurysm. They had to remove a part of the skull bone and once the swelling and pressure on her brain subsides they will go back in and reattach. Of course her head was shaven for the surgery and we anticipate Libby creating some awesome quilted hats and headbands. Cathy stayed night before last and Ellen stayed with her last night. This morning’s report was that she is slowly beginning to wake up ( she has moved around a bit but not opened her eyes yet). The ICU nurse said this is perfectly within the norm. She still has the breathing tube but she is breathing on her own. We hope it will be removed soon. The surgeon said last night that recovery will be a very slow process. She will remain in the hospital for several weeks. Sooo updates may not contain much news for awhile.

We ask for continued prayers and as a family want to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and support.”

You can send more well wishes, love and support to Libby at:

Libby Lehman
Neuro I.C.U.
Room 709, Jones Pavilion
Memorial Hermann
6411 Fannin Street
Houston Tx 77030

Sad News


We were sad to learn that our friend Cecilia Ray, passed away last week. We will all miss her and extend our deepest sympathies to her family.

Art Quilt Tahoe 2012 Quilt Challenge

Cat Larrea - Winner of Best of Show 2011 Quilt Challenge
Just a reminder that all attendees are invited to participate in our 2012 Quilt Challenge. This year’s theme, in honor of our 14th Anniversary, is “SONNET” since a sonnet commonly has 14 lines. The term sonnet derives from an Italian word “sonetto” meaning little song or little sound, and by the 13th Century, a sonnet signified a poem of fourteen lines that followed a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure.

All challenge quilts should adhere to the challenge theme and be a minimum of 2’ x 2’ to a maximum of 4’ x 4’ and should have a sleeve attached so that it can be easily displayed and judged at our conference next November. Information regarding your challenge quilt should be received no later than October 15, 2012 so that signage can be prepared in advance. You are welcome to bring your quilt with you or you can ship it to the facility in advance of the conference. More information will be provided on that prior to the conference.

Cash prizes are awarded for Best in Show ($150); First Place ($75); Second Place ($50) and Third Place ($25) and Student’s Choice ($100). You can spend your prizes in our shop, put it towards your 2013 tuition, or just stash the cash away! It’s your choice!

We hope to have lots of entries this year…so let us know if you are interested in participating! By the way, many of our workshops are nearly full, so if you know of someone that is interested in coming to Art Quilt Tahoe, you should encourage them to sign-up soon!

Happy Spring and my best to you all!


Velda Newman

Velda's Workshop is Filling!

Velda will provide you guidance on how to create a piece with one flower, or an entire garden! Your piece can be as small as you want or the size of Connecticut! That’s the fun of Velda’s fabulous design sense and style…! Sign-up soon!

Jane Dunnewold Workshop Filling!

Just a quick note to let you know that Jane Dunnewold’s workshop is nearly full. If you are interested in her workshop, be sure to sign-up soon to secure your spot!

2012 Scholarship Winner

Carole Frocillo

Our congratulations to Carole Frocillo for winning the 2012 Ina Stentiford Memorial Scholarship. Carole was thrilled to receive this well deserved honor and opportunity to join a great group of creative artists and study with the best this November. Applause!

2011 Art Quilt Tahoe Photos Now Posted!

The Morning View at Art Quilt Tahoe

Happy New Year! We have just posted the class photos from AQT 2011, along with a few other photos that our ace photographer, Mark McDermott, took during the conference. Just click on the Photo Album tab above and enjoy!

Sign-ups are great for 2012! Several workshops are close to filling so sign-up soon to reserve your space if you are planning on coming. Also, check out our blog below about this year’s quilt challenge to celebrate our 14th year!