Thinking of Libby


“Our dear friend, Libby Lehman, is recovering from a brain aneurysm. Here is an up-to-date post from her sister:
Yesterday was a long day but after hour in pre-op and 7 hours in the OR, Libby is successfully now back in ICU resting. They were able to clip (clamp off) the burst aneurysm. They had to remove a part of the skull bone and once the swelling and pressure on her brain subsides they will go back in and reattach. Of course her head was shaven for the surgery and we anticipate Libby creating some awesome quilted hats and headbands. Cathy stayed night before last and Ellen stayed with her last night. This morning’s report was that she is slowly beginning to wake up ( she has moved around a bit but not opened her eyes yet). The ICU nurse said this is perfectly within the norm. She still has the breathing tube but she is breathing on her own. We hope it will be removed soon. The surgeon said last night that recovery will be a very slow process. She will remain in the hospital for several weeks. Sooo updates may not contain much news for awhile.

We ask for continued prayers and as a family want to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and support.”

You can send more well wishes, love and support to Libby at:

Libby Lehman
Neuro I.C.U.
Room 709, Jones Pavilion
Memorial Hermann
6411 Fannin Street
Houston Tx 77030