Creating Contrast (Supplies)

Instructor: Els van Baarle

The supply list has been provided by the instructor.  If you have any questions, please contact the instructor at

Supply List

  • Batik and printing, making contemporary fabric
  • a variety of natural white fabrics, cotton, silk etc.everything washed and ironed,
  • part of the fabrics soda soaked, 9 tbl. spoons soda ash, one gallon water. Mark this fabric!
  • piece of fabric, not too thin, natural color as a background for a scroll. size app. 20 cm x 150 cm
  • one work from your closet that needs “repair”
  • A good working electric frying pan, thermostatically controlled. 3 or 4 people can work with one pot.
  • brushes, large and small for the dyes
  • brushes , natural hair (cheap) for the wax, different sizes. Try to find the flat brushes like from Dharma
  • foamroller 5 cm wide
  • 2 paper plates
  • some plastic containers for dyes and paints,
  • a soft piece of fabric to make a printing area on your table
  • plastic for batching between dyed pieces
  • plastic gloves
  • apron
  • roll of paper towels and some rags
  • scissors for paper and fabric
  • roll of tesa-crepe tape
  • some stamps of your own collection, or things from the kitchen you can use for printing. or with wax. (found objects)
  • if you have, thermofax screens of your own collection,
  • paper to take notes, permanent marker
  • a variety of paper, A 4 is o.k. handmade, watercolor, copy, paper napkins etc.
  • basic material for ( hand )sewing.
  • small piece of wonder under
  • glue, gluestick
  • Old newspapers( app.. 4 weeks old) for ironing out the wax.

In the classroom

  • Two buckets
  • Clotheslines and clothes -pegs
  • 2 irons and ironing board
  • Plastic for on the tables and floor
  • extension cords

There will be a class fee for, dyes, chemicals, paints etc. payable to Els, app. $ 35