Sheila Frampton Cooper

When award-winning artist Sheila Frampton Cooper creates, she revels in the spontaneous. Her free-form process with its surprising twists and turns inevitably delivers her to a place of unfiltered originality where her bold work unapologetically commands attention. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sheila showed a strong-willed, artistic temperament from an early age and has been creating art since her earliest memories. When she was 19 she lived in Italy, France and Belgium, and upon her return, embarked with a vengeance down her creative path. Several years later as a single mom working hard to provide for her two young sons, she painted in the evenings as a creative outlet. 

From years of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to jewelry-making and architectural photography, it has been a surprising leap to her current passion of studio art quilts. Her greatest affinity lies with improvisational piecing, as well as painting with thickened dyes and various aspects of surface design. Whether it’s a butterfly on her windowsill, a bird in her garden or the colors of a tropical fish, Sheila finds inspiration in the natural world as well as the bustling metropolis. This duality manifests itself in her work through bold, graphic designs juxtaposed with more quiet and flowing, amorphous creations. 

Currently Sheila is living in the South of France with her partner Adrien, and their beloved dog Ninja. She has exhibited her work at several venues in France and Italy and continues to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds her. 

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Workshop: Express Your True Self – One Piece at a Time

(Confident beginners-advanced)

Explore the mystery and excitement of creating a pieced abstract quilt with little or no plan. I will share the many different approaches I take when starting a new piece. Students will have the freedom to follow the path that comes to them naturally. We will discuss basic design and composition, color and value, quilting, and most importantly, trusting your instincts. I will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing. One-on-one time will be spent with each student. 

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