Layers: Color, Shape, Texture & Form (Supplies)

Instructor: Velda Newman

The supply list has been provided by the instructor.  If you have any questions, please contact the instructor at

Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies. Include quilting foot.

Three sheets of clear plastic, approximately 9” X 12” (office supply store).

Disappearing marking pen (air).

Sanford overhead transparency marking pen – black with fine point.

Plastic drop cloth (WHITE OR CLEAR) and apron.

Old towel and a roll of paper towels.

Good quality paint brushes for ACRYLIC paint. I use a 1-1/2” and 1/2” “FLAT” for most of the painting.

Embroidery hoop – to be used for painting techniques, 14” size.

Hair dryer and extension cord. Share with friend.

Two yards of (Pellon or paper) product you prefer, to make patterns.

Two containers for water (one cup size).

WHITE PLASTIC OR FOAM PLATES for paint palette (disposable).

One package of cheese cloth (grocery store).

Thin cotton batting (how much depends on the size of your piece) I suggest 2 yards square.

Fine spray bottle for water

*Lab Fee $ 30.00.

FABRICS – bring fabrics that relate to your chosen subject (see above). Hand dyed fabrics work best (or solids), in a wide range of colors and values. NO PRINTS! Also bring a yard of black and 3 yards of white which will be used for painting.

Please bring a large piece of flannel (or alternative) for “working on the wall “ if wall boards are not provided by the conference.

*I will provide paint, inks, pencils and additional art supplies that we will all share.

We will be working with acrylic paints, I recommend you not wear your prom dress!

Book reference: A Workshop with Velda Newman, available @ C & T Publishing or