Map Play – Using the Basic Principles of Design (Supplies)

Instructor: Valerie Goodwin

The supply list has been provided by the instructor. If you have any questions, please contact the instructor at

Supply List

1/2 yard each of black, white and gray silk organza – can be bought from:

Small pair of very sharp Scissors for cutting fabric Small pair of Scissors for cutting paper
1 yard of Misty- Fuse WHITE
1/2 yard of Misty- Fuse BLACK

Iron (if not provided by the venue)
Inexpensive Flat artist Brushes: ranging in size from 1⁄4” to 1”flat art brush Inexpensive 2” (+/-) house painter’s brush
A Few Foam Stencil Brushes
Inexpensive Sponge
Glue stick
Teflon Sheet
Select one from below:

Fabric Paints (Primary colors + Black +white paint or … a set of muted colors that you like) OR

A set of “soft Body” acrylic paints and a small bottle of GAC 900 Fabric medium
Medium sized Rotary Cutter
Black, white and gray thread for machine sewing (in addition bring any other thread colors that you favor from your stash) Gridded rotary cutter ruler
Painter’s tape
Needles for hand sewing & Pins
Plastic cups or plates for mixing.
Inexpensive Rubber Gloves + a few Garbage bags
Sewing Machine with free motion foot (if not available through the venue)
Any decorative threads that you like for hand sewing.
Varied hand dyed solid fabrics (light, medium and dark muted values)(please bring plenty of light colors)
Kimono Scraps optional –can be purchased from
I use these A LOT, but you don’t have to….

Black Micron Pens (or equivalent), Minimum 3 Point Sizes — 01 (0.25 mm), 03 (0.35 mm), and 05 (0.45 mm)