Shibori Stitch Resist with a Twist (Cavanaugh)

Instructor: Sue Cavanaugh

Required Materials to bring:

One yard white Prepared to Dye cotton, washed and air dried (I like to use cotton sateen, but other cotton is fine).

Needles for hand sewing (fairly long milliners needles are recommended), thimble, scissors, seam ripper, Quilter’s marking pencil (or graphite), plastic to wrap your pieces in for batching (dry cleaner bags are great), several paint brushes for painting on dyes, rubber gloves (flexible gloves to wear when painting on dye and removing stitches).

Old clothes to wear, apron.

Small zippered laundry bag marked with your name.

Sketch book, pencil, eraser, black marker.

Pins (to pin into your design board); pin cushion.

If four students who are driving could each bring a 2 gallon bucket, that will be helpful.

Optional Materials to Bring

Mask and dyers gloves (only needed if you would like to help with mixing dyes)

Finger protectors (available at drugstores); quilter’s gloves with grippers (if you have them) can be be helpful in pulling up threads.

Buttonhole twist, dental floss (if you would like to try something else to stitch with; basic cord for stitching will be furnished).

Zip lock plastic bag for transporting wet fabric home.

Embroidery floss, additional needles, batting and backing if you would like to start embellishing one of your shibori pieces.

Materials Instructor will bring:

1 large spool C-LON Micro cord for each student, MX Procion dye in black for patterning and colors for over dyeing, Synthrapol for washing, sodium alginate for thickening dyes.

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